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    Insulation is a technique that protects your home against heat, sound, water, humidity, hot and cold weather and also contributes to your budget. At Filli Boya, the R&D work that we started in 2003 on the subject of insulation is continuing, full steam ahead. We don’t only protect your houses against heat and cold with insulation systems, but also work toward raising healthier generations. Insulation applied using insulation materials that match the requirements and by employing the correct techniques provides benefits well beyond the insulation itself.

    Thermal insulation adds to the comfort of your house not only in winter months, but in the summer too. The insulation materials that are effective against cold during the winter months will also protect your house against heat in the summer. Furthermore, it is possible to prevent the development of humidity and mold by using appropriate insulation materials. The investment you will be making would provide, on average, 50% energy savings and would amortize itself over a period of 2-5 years. Additionally, insulation adds to the value of your building/house and helps reduce maintenance and repair expenses.
  • What is Insulation?

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    With its different types such as thermal insulation, water insulation and sound insulation, insulation is the name given to the general measures taken on the interior and exterior surfaces of the building against these factors. Prior to starting the insulation work, a survey must be conducted at the site to determine the requirements. The insulation materials to be used are determined on the basis of these requirements. Filli Boya provides the insulation plan specific to each building free of charge. You can take advantage of the complimentary survey services we provide and take the first step towards rendering your living space healthier and more valuable.
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