About Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

What is an Energy Identity Certificate (EKB)?

Energy Identity Certificate is a document by which the energy requirement and accordingly energy consumption class of a building are defined and declared. It's therefore an energy passport for buildings.

As per the Regulation for Energy Performance in Buildings, buildings constructed before 2011 are required to have Energy Identity Certificate by May 2, 2017 and new buildings constructed after 2011 are required to have it during occupancy stage.

In Energy Identity Certificate, annual energy consumption of the building is calculated in consideration of thermal insulation properties, heating/cooling system efficiency and other energy consuming ways of the building. According to this amount, the building is classified within a scale defined as “A, B, C, D, E, F and G."

"Class A" refers to highest energy efficiency while "class G" the lowest one. Most of the buildings thermally insulated as per TS 825 are "class C" in our country. Buildings classified as "B or above" in our country mainly have higher thermal insulation thicknesses compared to minimum thermal insulation thicknesses required by TS 825 standard.

An Energy Identity Certificate, as per Building Energy Performance Regulation, should be hung in a location in the building’s entrance that can be easily seen. Thus, building residents and other people who will make purchase/sale or renting transactions in the building are informed about the energy consumption and efficiency of the building. With Energy Identity Certificate, consumption values for heating, cooling, hot water, illumination and venting systems of the building as well as energy classes for them are declared.

"Free Energy Identity Certificate Campaign"

Insulate Your Building with Capatect and Get Your Energy Identity Certificate Free of Charge.

Buildings can have both long-term saving and obtain a mandatory Energy Identity Certificate FREE OF CHARGE with Capatect Thermal Insulation System until January 31, 2015.

Campaign Application Terms:

Buildings which meet the following conditions may benefit from Free Energy Identity Certificate Campaign:

  • The exterior surface thermal insulation of a building with Capatect Capatect Thermal Insulation System should be arranged between 01.07.2014 and 31.01.2015;
    • Capatect Thermal Insulation System application should cover 1000 m2 or above;
    • Thermal insulation thickness should comply with TS 825;
    • Building should have a Municipally Approved Architectural Project and Building License dated before 01.01.2011.

    By filling Online Application Form, you can apply for the Free Energy Identity Certificate Campaign and ensure that our officials get in contact with you for giving information and your building to be insulated with Capatect thermal insulation system is granted an Energy Identity Certificate.

    Last application date is 31st January 2015.
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