Choosing the Right Paint for the Space

You spend most of your time in your house which reflects your personal tastes. As well as accessories and furniture, walls also play an important role in making you feel comfortable in your house. When choosing a paint for your home that most suits your needs, we can help you find the right one.

Living Room

You can create the desired impression there are many options to choose from for glossy, matte and silky surfaces on the wall of your living room where you spend most of your time. While choosing colors, lean more towards warm colors for vibrant and energetic places and blue and green tones for quite places which do not strain eyes.


It is advantageous to choose a paint which is stainless or easy to wipe in the kitchen where hygiene is at the forefront. In the kitchen, you can create a vibrant and warm atmosphere with yellow, red and orange tones and a relaxing and spacious atmosphere with green.


Bathrooms are the places where the risk of mold and fungus formation is high due to the moisture and vapor. Therefore, choose a paint which is resistant to these effects for your bathroom. We should add that white, cream, blue and beige tones go well in bathrooms.


If you would like to create a soft atmosphere in your bedroom, you can use matte paints which do not reflect light. Lighter tones of blue, green, pink and purple can be used in bedrooms.
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