Content of the Paint

Paints that protect surfaces consist of 5 main components, namely binders, pigments, solvents, fillers and other additive materials.


"Binders" that form the paint coat by binding the pigments and filler materials and which characterize the paint can be achieved in natural and synthetic ways. Drying time, glossiness, durability of the paint and its resistance against weather conditions and chemicals are characterized by the binder. Binder, the primary component of the paint, gives the paint type its name.

Natural binders are classified as pine resin, oils, coal tar and nitrocellulose; and synthetic binders are classified as alkyd resin, chlorinated rubber, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, polyester, silicate and vinyl resin.


Pigments color the paint and have a covering ability. They consist of powdery solid particles achieved in natural and synthetic ways. They have five types, including organic, inorganic, metallic, pearly and monomer pigments. If you want a long lasting paint, you should be careful about the quality of the pigment used.


Chemical materials ensuring the fluidity and ease-of-application of the paint are called "solvent". Thinner, water, benzene, toluene, xylene and white spirit are some of the materials used as solvent. If your paint is dense or has low viscosity, you can use one of these chemicals to achieve the intended viscosity.

Filling materials

These are the materials which are included in the paint and determine the volume and density of the paint. They increase the covering ability and the film thickness. You should choose paints containing less filling material.

Additive materials

Additive used at the rate of 1-2% in addition to binders, solvents and pigments makes paint homogeneous and thus, easy-to-apply. Collapse preventive, drier, crusting preventive, anti-foam and plasticizer products are used as additives.
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