Eastern Wabi

The East philosophy Wabi having its roots in "The Country of Sunrise", Japan is the source of inspiration for the ever-renewing colors of nature.

These colors harmonized with Eastern culture and aesthetics as well as the perfect rhythm of the nature, bring a warm and modest feeling to your living spaces.

Ever-renewing and breathing nature leaks into the interior surfaces in parts. Things that are considered as defects by the modern world are displayed rather than being covered. This is the aesthetics of nature, not the humans' thoughts. There are no defects in nature. From the viewpoint of Wabi, the nature is celebrated and blessed as is.

Places where nature leaks in quietly become an oasis: Plainness and quietness in the middle of the chaos... At first we think that everything is temporary, then we realize that this is why fresh starts are possible in this world. This is the philosophy of Wabi.

We cannot go with the flow of course; however we can live close to the nature and its wisdom as much as possible. To be able to bring the rhythm of the rain; quietness of the snow; sound of steps moving away on the path and the autumn leaves; the raw form of wood and stone; and the most smooth form of sand to the places as a color...

It is obvious that Wabi concept brings naturalness and a perfect harmony in the places and it is also the ideal approach to emphasize the inviting and hospitality effects especially in boutique hotels, showrooms and showcases and also in entrances and corridors of living spaces. It adds a warm and modest feeling to the places.

Wabi requires us to become free from aesthetic notions. Rather than the experimentalism, naturalness is important in Wabi. Therefore, opacity, roughness and texture are adopted and brought forward.

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