Filli Points FAQs

I have lost my card, what should I do to get a new one?
Call 444 1 222 Filli Boya Call Center and specify that you have lost your card. After necessary security questions, we will cancel your lost card and give you a new card number. We will send your new card to your address within 15 days.
I want to change my phone number and address details which are registered on the Filli Point System. What should I do?
You can update your phone number by calling 444 1 222 Filli Boya Call Center and answering the security questions.
I cannot add my Filli Point barcodes to my card at the dealers. What should I do?
You can add your Filli Point barcodes to your card by sending an sms to 0532 444 1 222 or on our web site.
How can I get a password for the web site?
After you enter the Filli Point menu on Filli Boya web site, enter your card number and click on "Şifremi Unuttum" (I forgot my password) button, your password will be sent to the mobile phone number you registered on our system.
Can I transfer my points in my Filli point card into money?
You can use your points in Filli point card by requesting a gift. Filli Points cannot be transferred into money.
There are no Filli Point labels on the products I bought. What should I do?
Please do not buy products which do not have Filli Point labels on them. When you face a situation like this, remember the Filli Boya dealer you shopped with.
When are the gifts that I ordered from Filli Point Gift Catalogue delivered?
After we receive your order, we call you from your mobile phone registered on our system and obtain confirmation regarding the order. After this process, your order is placed and delivered to your address within 6 weeks at the latest.
The gift that I ordered has arrived damaged. What should I do?
We strongly recommend that you open the package and check your product when the courier company delivers your gift and before signing the delivery form. Do not accept defective products and make the delivery person make a note of it.
Could you send the warranty/bill of the product that is delivered as a gift?
We do not send bill or warranty certificates for products delivered as gifts. Keep consignment notes delivered with your products. This certificate stands for a bill when a warranty certificate is required.
I have lost my Afilli line, what should I do?
When you lose your Afilli line, it is enough for you to call Filli Boya Call Center on 444 1 222, give your line number and request a new sim card.
What is the short code of my Afilli line? What is it used for?
Afilli Line short codes are 5 digit numbers belonging to your line for you to easily call other Afilli Line users within the group.
What should I do to be listed under the Filli Boya Nearest Paint Expert section?
Filli Boya Nearest Paint Experts section is for our gold card experts. When you become a Gold Card expert, your information will be listed under this section.
Why are the points in my Filli Point Card blocked?
When it is understood by Filli Boya that a member is not a paint expert, points in the member's account and his/her card will be blocked.
Can other persons use my Filli Point Card?
Filli Point Card is a personal card. Please carry your card with you and prevent other persons from using your card. When it is understood that your card is used by different persons, points on your card and the card itself will be blocked.
Can I transfer the points in my Filli Point Card to another card?
Points on the Filli point card can only be used by the card owner. Card points cannot be transferred to different persons.
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