For a Long Lasting Paint

If you want to renew your house in an economical way and ensure the paint remains as it was the first day, we recommend the following:

If you want to use the same paint for a long period, you should be careful about selecting the proper product. You can achieve walls which appear as vivid as the first day with a quality and healthy paint.

In order paint to last, it’s not enough to clean the walls or buy quality paints. One of the most important points in this regard is to choose colors that you won’t get bored of. We recommend that you to choose a color which will both reflect your taste and harmonize with your furniture. You can discover the colors most suitable for your walls with Filli Boya ColorExpress Tailor Made Color Production System.

Use metal or wooden batter posts to protect your walls against damage and corrosion. If the door handle hits the wall all the time, there will be some spalling on that area. In order to prevent your wall from getting corroded, you can use a doorstopper which will prevent your door from hitting the wall.

Carry out primer work before painting your wall for your walls to integrate with the surface without losing their dynamism. You can prevent paint spalling and consumption by using a primer.
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