For the Best Paint Application

  • During applications, use PPE (personal protective equipment). Helmet, dust mask, goggles, gloves, protective shoes etc.
  • Protect areas which you do not want to paint. Coat doors, window profiles, parquet skirting, electric sockets with quality masking tape; otherwise, peeling may occur on wall surfaces and/or glue stains may remain on switch sockets. Cover wide areas and furniture with protective cover.
  • Remove loose parts from surface, clear the surface of dust and dirt.
  • Sand gloss surfaces before primer and paint applications and dust off the surface with a moistened cloth.
  • Mix primer and paint thoroughly before use.
  • Use a primer which is suitable for the surface. Ask for support from the manufacturing company in this regard.
  • Ask for support from the manufacturing company regarding paint selection.
  • Use satin roller brush on wide areas on pasted and smooth surfaces.
  • Start the painting process from ceilings for interior surfaces. Continue the process with walls. Then, paint doors, windows and radiators, if necessary.
  • While painting walls, at first paint the corner points and joint points of ceiling and wall with lining tool and then paint wide areas with roller brush immediately.
  • You must read the label details of the product. Perform thinning process, adjust drying times and terms of use according to label details.
  • After the application is completed, clean application tools by the thinner of the paint.
  • For reuse of the remaining paints, add synthetic thinner on synthetic paints as one or two finger-height such that surface does not contact with air and add water on acrylic and plastic paints which are thinned by water, do not mix and close the cover tightly for storage.
  • If you have to intermit the painting process at night, cover your brushes and roller brushes for them not to dry with nylon bags or stretch film such that they do not come in contact with air.
  • Make sure that paint boxes are tightly closed and clean the roller brush boxes.
  • When painting interior places, do not forget to ventilate the rooms. Do not keep direct fire and do not smoke in places where paint application takes place. Protect your eyes and skin from spilled paints. If you apply moisturizer on your uncovered skin before painting, cleaning the paint which may spill will be easier.
  • If you want to finish the cleaning quicker after painting, cover the cup with a large aluminum foil before pouring paint. All you need to do is remove the foil after the painting.
  • Do not forget to remove masking tapes once the painting is completed. Tape will get dry in the course of time and even if it will be removed later, sticky residuals will present on the surface.
  • Do not leave your brushes and roller brushes in the paint when you have a break during the day. Do not forget to close packaging covers.
  • Application should be performed at temperatures between +5˚C and +30°C.
  • Application should not be performed on exterior surfaces in rainy days. Surfaces should be protected from rain, excessive humidity-dew formation and frost 12 hours before and after the application. Surfaces should be completely dry.
  • Paint application should not be performed under direct sun light and wind.
  • Thinning rates specified in label details of the product should be followed. In case that the product is over-thinned, problems regarding covering, roller brush trace and wave arise. In case that the product is under-thinned, risk of thick application arises. Cracks can be seen in thickly applied paint.
  • In Grained/Textured paint applications, material should be applied homogeneously on the surface using sheepskin or exterior surface roller brush and then, texture should be applied using coral brush.
  • Under hot weather conditions, application should be made on shadowed surfaces. Application between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. is not recommended.
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