Paint Trends

Living rooms are areas that are important in terms of decoration and design. If you want to create a spacious atmosphere in the living room, where you spend most of your time, pay particular attention to color selection.

Let's make a change and define the style of your house before deciding on the color of your walls. We see that primary colors and dark tones are generally preferred in classic living rooms and pastel and light tones are preferred in modern living rooms. You can simplify your work by applying combinations of contrasting colors or monochromatic design in your house.

Stone walls are the new black this year. How about painting these colorable stone walls white and bring the Scandinavian style to your house?

Another color combination which may be used on your walls is warm and cool colors. You can create dynamic spaces by adding energetic colours in your home, such as yellow, red and orange and you can also create relaxing spaces with blue, green and purple. Moreover, you can strengthen the depth perception of your living room by using cool colors in small places and warm colors in bigger places.

You can find every tone of the color you are looking for with the rich color context of Filli Boya ColorExpress Tailor Made Color Production System.