Painting Mistakes

If you cannot achieve perfect walls while applying paint to make your walls look cleaner, it means that you are making a mistake. Let's take a look at the common mistakes made when painting interiors.

Paint bubbles

Bubbles may form on the walls due to dust beneath the surface of the wall you are painting. To prevent bubble formation, make the wall suitable for painting before the application. After ensuring that the surface is clean, scrap the blistered areas with the help of a spatula and paint again.

Brush trace

One of the most common problems encountered after the paint gets dry is brush traces. Density of the material used, improper thinner usage and inadequate mixing of the paint make the brush leave traces on the wall.

Choice of unsuitable paint

If you use incompatible paints together for the same wall, you’ll notice that the paint life is shorter. Remove this problem by using proper materials on a suitable wall.

Paint flow

You will see that the paint applied on the wall in a thick density and with hard strokes will flow downwards. This is also known as curtaining and results from excess paint on the brush, improper thinner usage and poor workmanship. You should prevent paint flow by applying suitable products using a proper technique. Prevent traces on walls by smoothing the flowing paint and traces using a brush.
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