Questions about Colors

What are the points to take into account while selecting paint?
The questions "is the room wide or narrow, is the ceiling high or low, is the room facing north or south, is it dark or light?" are highly significant while selecting color. If you paint places having narrow and low ceiling with light colors, they look more spacious than they are. You should prefer warm colors for rooms facing north. Light and warm tones are ideal in order to make dark places look light and warm.
Does light affect color, and if yes, how?
Light definitely affects color. Color looks differently under different light sources. Whether it is natural or not, source and density of light affects the color you prefer, therefore what the color tells about you and your home. Size of your windows, whether your rooms face north or south as well as using illuminations emitting white or yellow light make you perceive the color differently. For instance, fluorescence light makes blue and green tones stronger while it deadens red, orange and yellow colors.
Under which light should we select color?
While selecting color, you should definitely look at the color at day light, because, it is the day light which shows the colors closest to their original tone. In order not to experience disappointment, color selections should always be made at day light.
Does color affect human mood?
Scientists have revealed that color has many positive and negative effects on human mood. Therefore, color selection is highly important. For instance, using red color too much evokes the sense of anger while black evokes depression and light tones of blue and green evoke calmness as they recall the nature.
How can I make a low ceilinged room look more spacious?
You can make the ceiling look higher by extending the wall paint to the ceiling. If you also prefer light tones, you can achieve more spacious and lighter places.
Which colors should we prefer for bedrooms?
Yatak odaları uyku mekanları olduğu için dinginlik veren yumuşak renkleri ve tonlarını seçmek en ideali olacaktır. Açık pembe ve tonları, açık mavi ve mavinin tonları , açık mor ve lila tonları huzur ve dinginlik veren renkler olduğu için uykuya dalmanızı kolaylaştırıcak renklerdir. Sorulara dön >>Çocuk odaları için hangi renkleri kullanmalıyız?

Since bedrooms are the places of sleep, it will be suitable to prefer soft colors and tones evoking calmness. Light pink and its tones, light blue and its tones, light purple and lily tones are the colors helping you sleep since they evoke comfort and calmness. Back to questions >>Which colors should be used for kids rooms?

Traditionally, pink is preferred for girls rooms while blue is preferred for boys rooms. However, the important point is that pastel tones should be preferred in order to make children feel more comfortable.

Green is the expression of spaciousness. It enhances self-confidence and it is hopeful. It is an ideal color for depressive and diffident children. Beige, brown and grey are color groups of earth tones. These colors are ideal for hyperactive and highly energetic children. These colors evoke relaxation, warmth and comfort.

Blue is associated with trust, peace and knowledge. It helps your child to be quite and have a good night sleep.
Which colors should be preferred for bathrooms and kitchens?
Bathrooms are generally small places of our houses. Therefore, we recommend light and middle tones which will make these places look wide and spacious. White, creme and off-white and oyster white tones are the most suitable colors for bathrooms as they evoke the feelings of cleanliness and health. Moreover, you can use the very light and light tones of blue, green, turquoise and green-blue colors in your bathrooms. Kitchen is a not place to rest. Therefore, enlivening colors may be aimed and warm colors may be preferred from the color scheme. These are pale yellow, live tones of green, orange and light orange tones. These colors evoke the feeling of being careful and prepared while they support creativity.
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