Questions about Exterior Surface Paint

We want to get our building's exterior walls painted, how do we measure it in meters squared?
You can make average m2 measurement by multiplying the building area by total storey height, keeping in mind that average storey height is 3 m.
What are the points to take into consideration while choosing color? What are your recommendations regarding making more than one color combination?
Identity of a building is its exterior surface. Therefore, color selection for exterior surfaces is essential. Harmony of colors with the building and the surroundings should be considered without noticing one or more than one color combination. By using "Mimar Benim" module on the website of Filli Boya, you can choose most appropriate and striking colors for your building.
How can I find the most suitable dealers for paint application?
You can find contact details of most suitable dealers which provide Filli Boya exterior wall products and their application by using "Nearest Dealer" module of Filli Boya website.
What are the points to take into consideration while choosing exterior wall paint and which product should be used?
It is critical matter to make suitable product choice before exterior wall paint application. If we consider repetition period of exterior wall paint applications and their cost compared to interior wall applications, we face the fact that suitable choice is highly significant. All products within Filli Boya product range were designed in accordance with the conditions of Turkey and most efficient results may be obtained with them thanks to their superior unique properties.
Is primer application necessary before paint? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
Primer is a chemical material which is used to make the surface prepared for paint before paint application. Use of primer is absolutely necessary to get the highest performance from paint.

Roles of Primer:
  • Provides adherence (ability of sticking to surface). Primer forms a strong foundation and bridge between paint and surface. Ensures paint is adhered to surface.
  • Provides homogenous absorbency and substructure; in this way paint is absorbed in all points of application surface equally and makes color look homogenous in all points. Prevents roller brush traces.
  • Reduces paint consumption. Since it balances the absorbency in surface, it prevents paint to be absorbed extremely and provides less paint consumption.
  • Protects paint from basic/alkaline effects. Prevents especially melt salts in cement based materials to harm top coat paint and extends life of paint.
  • Pigmented (colored) primers support the covering ability of paint.
  • What does patterned paint for exterior walls mean?
What does patterned paint for exterior walls mean?
Filli Boya offers 4 pattern (Grained Product) options for our customers who want to use patterned paint instead of smooth paint for exterior wall applications.
  • Amphisilan Grained
  • Grained Betakril
  • Muresko Grained
  • Muresko Thick Grained

You can find our grained products in nearest Filli Boya dealers.
Which product should we use to prevent salt efflorescence on surfaces?
Disboxan 451 product within the product range of Filli Boya eliminates the problem of salt efflorescence occurring on surfaces.
Is there any special paint for tennis courts?
Standard paint application will be wrong for tennis courts which are exposed to impacts continuously. Filli Boya Tennis Court Paint, which is a special product just for this purpose performs resistance for years with its white, red and green colors.
What are the most suitable weather conditions for exterior surface applications?
  • Application should be carried out in temperatures between +5 and +30 degrees.
  • Surface should be protected from rain for 12 hours before and after the application.
  • It should not be applied on places exposed to direct sun light.
  • Application should not be carried out if there is waft.
Colors on our buildings painted 2 years ago are now faded, why?
Exterior surface paints start to be exposed to sun rays continuously after application and if the product has low pigment resistance, colors of building start to fade day by day. An undesired appearance occurs since every area will fade in different degrees depending on the angle of UV rays. All Filli Boya exterior surface product ranges have maximum UV resistance and they are under warranty of company.
Are your products under warranty of company?
Filli Boya exterior surface products are under 5 year warranty for smooth paints and 3 year warranty for grained paints provided that application conditions are fulfilled correctly.
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