Istanbul Silent Cinema Days Sponsored by Filli Boya
Held by Kino Istanbul in cooperation with Istanbul Şehir University and Istanbul Modern, Istanbul Silent Cinema Days were realized under the title of "Sessiz Sedasız Geldiler" (They Came Silently) on October 9-10-11-12 with the main sponsorship of Filli Boya for the first time this year. The event was primarily hosted by Istanbul Modern Cinema with official supports of Cineteca di Bologna in Bologna of Italy, one of the most prestigious institutions of the world in film restoration, as well as EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. Silent Cinema Days presented some early period cinema works in 2014, the year when the 100th year of cinema in Turkey was celebrated. Frames from Ottoman era were flourished with a conversation session held within Şehir University and carried to the academic world. Additionally, an Orson Welles movie dating from 1938, which for a long time was thought to be missing was presented to the audience in 2013 for the first time, and became one of the main attractions of the event.
Filli Boya Supports Works of Mentally Handicapped Youngsters
An exhibition organized by Tomurcuk Association which aims to support mentally handicapped children and youngsters were offered to the taste of visitors between June 15-22 at Caddebostan Cultural Center with the sponsorship of Filli Boya.

Gaining attention with their successes in all branches of art , Tomurcuk Youngsters proves their talent in painting as well by holding a new exhibition named "Tomurcuklar Renk Açtı" (Buds Came into Color).

The exhibition hosts works of Tomurcuk Painters which were painted with freehand technique using acrylic paint with the help of their painting teacher, Esra Şentuna. Fifty works selected among one-year works were presented to the art-lovers during the event. Visitors also took a short journey through the inner worlds of young exhibitors.

Filli Boya will continue its projects with the conscious of social benefit and corporate responsibility.
Filli Boya Sponsored Painting Contest "Çocuk Resimlerinde Hemşireler"
Filli Boya sponsored the painting contest named "Çocuk Resimlerinde Hemşireler" (Nurses in Children's Paintings) which was organized by academic members of Izmir Ekonomi University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Nursing Department for Nursing Week dated May 12-18, in cooperation with Izmir Province Health Authority. Inpatient children within 4-10 age group from pediatric services of Tepecik Training and Research Hospital and 108 children from Gürçeşme, Balçova and Gaziemir nursery schools of Izelman took part in the contest. All contestant students of the event which was also sponsored by Izmir Chamber of Commerce Health and Training Association in addition to Filli Boya, were given pastel paints. Among the works coming from participant schools, winner of 4-6 age group, Aygün Şener, Balçova nursery school student and winner of 7-10 age group, Simay Topaloğlu, Gürçeşme nursery school student were awarded tablet computers.

Kaya Güner and Nehir Çağlak who came second in the contest were awarded a camera while Ada Muslu and Minire Üşgelen, as third runners were awarded a MP3 music player.
Arkitera Awards Given Under Filli Boya Sponsorship
The eagerly awaited Arkitera Awards of the construction and architecture world were handed out in a ceremony organized by Arkitera Architecture Center in Sakıp Sabancı Museum The SEED Auditorium under the sponsorship of Filli Boya on 27th November, 2012. Nominees, winners, members of the selection committee and guests attended the ceremony and the RAF Construction Material, Employer and Young Architecture Awards were handed to their new holders respectively.
Filli Boya Became the Sponsor of Oyun Atölyesi
Filli Boya became the sponsor of Oyun Atölyesi founded in 1999 by Haluk Bilginer as part of supports given to culture and art. Filli Boya will be one of the sponsors in plays which will be staged within the 2013-2014 program of Oyun Atölyesi. Oyun Atölyesi stages the plays in the theatre of 207 persons in Moda, Kadıköy.
Filli Boya Insulation Group "Yeşil İş – Green Business 2012"
Filli Boya Insulation Group became the sponsor of "Yeşil İş – Green Business 2012" which will be organized by the participation of Taner Yıldız, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources. Turkey's strong sustainability platform, Yeşil İş – Green Business 2012 gathers important speakers from abroad. The organization will be held in Swissotel - Istanbul between October 18-19, 2012 and developments and arrangements regarding Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change will be shared with the guests. Green Business gathers expert speakers in the field of sustainability, such as Tom SZAKY, Ernst LIGTERINGENCEO, Jo CONFINO, Dr. Jeremy LEGGETT, Terry A'HEARN, Anne McIVOR, Jill DUGGAN, Julia HAILES, and Volker HAMMES. For detailed information visit http://www.yesilis2012.com/
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