Filli Boya Breaks New Ground in Turkey with Insulation Solar Charging Stations.
Filli Boya Insulation, the pioneer of the insulation industry, makes our life sustainable with its solar-powered mobile phone charging stations which were developed to highlight how easy it is to reach sustainable energy sources.

Acting ever responsibly towards environment and human health with its products and services in order to leave a better world to prevent the harm of fossil fuels on earth, as well as leaving a better world to future generations, Filli Boya Insulation - Capatect Thermal Insulation Systems has spread over a wide area with its mobile phone charging stations which are only powered by solar energy.

Positioned at the busiest streets of big cities such as Ankara, İstanbul, Bursa, İzmir, Iğdır, Adana, Mersin, Edirne, Muğla and Nevşehir, solar charging stations are able to charge multiple phones and USB-connected electronic devices at the same time.

Having accelerated its sustainability journey in 2013 and become the most environment-friendly brand of insulation market, Capatect makes a significant contribution to energy saving and thus the decrease of environmental pollution thanks to its projects that aim to hand the heritage of a clean and healthy environment we inherited from our ancestors to future generations properly.

A Better World Project
"A Better World" project aims to raise awareness on fight against climate change and energy efficiency; to inform the public on the measures that we may take such as thermal insulation to reduce our Carbon Footprints by the cooperation of Filli Boya Insulation Group and WWF-Turkey.

Within the project, awareness campaigns are being carried out about the reasons of climate change, its effects and simple changes that we can make in our daily life for fighting against the climate change, Turkey's current situation regarding energy efficiency, legal regulations, measures and steps to be taken regarding especially global climate change and thermal insulation.
Filli Boya Supports Earth Hour Campaign for a Sustainable Future
Filli Boya supported WWF Earth Hour campaign for drawing attention to fight against climate change. Filli Boya always acts by the awareness of "having respect for the environment and human" and invited its employees, partners and target audience to the Earth Hour Campaign of WWF to raise awareness on climate change. Everyone who involved in this campaign which has become the biggest global move in the world and which took place between 20:30 - 21:30 on Saturday, 23rd March turned off their lights for 1 hour. .
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