The Best Paint

  • Which paint is the best?
If you are going to paint the walls in your home or office, the paint you choose must be the best available. Wall paint affects the ambiance of the environment, not only its colors but also its contents. For this reason, you must choose the best paint brand available prior to starting to paint your walls. The Best paint is the one with the best formulation of ingredients. In preparing the best paint, the chemicals chosen to be used in its composition create a difference in its quality. This difference is considered to be the first step on the road to becoming the best wall paint brand.

At Filli Boya, our studies are ongoing to become the best wall paint brand, and we work together with chemists, color specialists, architects and craftsman on issues related to quality and the well-being of humans, and the environment. We choose the materials used in the manufacturing of the wall paints from among those of the highest quality and formulate our paints specially. We believe that Filli Boya must be the best paint available, thus we continuously test our products from the start of production to the completion of packaging.

  • To be the best paint brand requires sensitivity towards the environment and human health.
Betek Boya ve Kimya Sanayii aims to offer products with a quality higher than national and international standards and customer expectations. Filli Boya takes the necessary steps in manufacturing the best paints in line with these principles. In addition to the wall paint ingredients that we formulate in a way that doesn’t cause any damage to human health, we consider protection of the environment an integral part of our business. Within this context, hearing the name Filli Boya as the best paint brand available and observing the positive effects of our achievements both on our customers and the environment is our ultimate desire.

While we continue our work to become the best paint brand, take a look at the unlimited number of color options Filli Boya offers and take advantage of the content as an inspiration to add color to your living spaces.
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