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“Filli Boya Colorful Shelter” Project
Filli Boya and Haçiko Came Together and Colored the Shelters…

"Colorful Shelters with Filli Boya" campaign organized between 21st July - 4th August, 2011 by Filli Boya, the leader of Turkish paint industry with the consciousness of social responsibility together with Haçiko Association established under the presidency of Journalist Ömür Gedik was carried out with the intense interest and support of social media.

Filli Boya donated 1 kg paint for each person who filled in and shared the campaign participation form on Facebook page and who retweeted the campaign message published on the twitter page of Filli Boya to animal shelters. Our little friends now have colorful and hygienic homes thanks to this project.

Approximately 1 million kind-hearted animal lovers showed their common sense in the "Colorful Shelters with Filli Boya" campaign and an awareness was built up regarding the issue by drawing attention to the shelters that house helpless and ownerless animals.

After the completion of the campaign, the paints were delivered by Filli Boya to the 10 shelters which were determined by Haçiko Association (Association for Rescuing Animals From Desperation and Insouciance) and host more than 4000 helpless and ownerless animals.

Within the campaign, the paints were delivered to;
  • Kadıköy Municipality Animal Care Center,
  • Yedikule Animal Shelter,
  • Bayrampaşa Municipality Shelter,
  • Silivri Municipality Animal Rehabilitation Center,
  • Kemerburgaz Natural Life Zone,
  • Büyükçekmece Municipality Çakmaklı Animal Shelter,
  • Üsküdar Animal Shelter,
  • Şarköy Animal Shelter, Çanakkale Animal Shelter
  • and Büyükada Animal Shelter

and an area of more than 3600 square-meter was colored. The shelters were also brought to a clean and well-cared situation so that animal lovers could visit them with their animals more frequently.

The media was in attendance at the short shelter visit carried out with the participation of Ömür Gedik, the founder of Haçiko Association, and through this we attempted to raise awareness among animal lovers regarding this issue.

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