Perfect Application with Method


Capatect Thermal Insulation Plate is adhered to the surface from bottom to top as baffle coating and with frame method using Capatect Thermal Insulation Adhesives. The bottom coat should be supported with subbasement profile and it should be checked whether plates were fitted are in accordance with their gauge.

In addition to Capatect Thermal Insulation Adhesives, Capatect Wall Plugs to be selected depending on surface type and plate thickness should be used in order to assure the system for wind loads.

Capatect Thermal Insulation Plasters should be applied on insulation plates so that Capatect Glass-Fiber Meshes will be in such position that they will be close to the surface. Glass-Fiber Meshes should be put so that they overlap 10 cm at joints...

During doorjamb application, corner points should be protected properly with Capatect Corner Profiles.

After plaster coat gets dry, Capatect Coating Primer should be applied firstly and then application should be completed with Capatect Thermal Insulation System Paints on Capatect Silicone Coating or Capatect Mineral Coating.

For top coat application, Capatect Elastic Brick, which offers different decorative solutions to your surfaces, may be used instead of Capatect Coating products or with these products.

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