Capatect Elastic Brick

Capatect Elastic Brick is a coating material with acrylic structure which is used for forming and decorating exterior and interior surfaces of buildings. It offers excellent alternatives with two different textures and seven colors on Capatect Thermal Insulation System and in all interior and exterior surface decorations. r.


  • Impressively flexible. Shows no cracking.
  • Light.
  • Easily applicable.
  • No loss occurs during transportation.
  • No extra joint application.
  • Dusting and fading never occur.
  • It breathes and has a very high water vapor permeability.
  • Preventive, strengthens the building against impacts and contamination.


Surface to be coated should be smooth, clean, solid, dry and self-supporting.


Surfaces to be coated should be marked by a leveling line. The application is carried out as 5 coats = 41.5 cm high tapes including gaps. Joint gap is considered as 10-12 mm. When performing surface fragmentation in places where obstacles such as doors, windows etc. exist, these sides should be considered as starting points.


Adhesion application should be performed from upside to downside starting from the corners. Capatect Elastic Brick Adhesive is used for adhesion process of Capatect Elastic Brick. If the application is performed on cement based plaster, the surface should be lined by using Capatect Coating Primer or Capatect Silicone Exterior Surface Paint Primer in order to prevent whitening on the plaster, shorten the application time and increase ease of use and adhesion performance of Capatect Elastic Brick Adhesive. Capatect Elastic Brick Adhesive is applied on the surface determined by leveling line as 3-4 mm with a toothed trowel with 6 mm tooth depth. Elastic bricks should be located on adhesive mortar by sliding such that there will be no space at the back and adhesive should be applied on the area to be adhered to immediately. Beveling process is carried out on brick sides by sweeping the adhesive mortar on joints between elastic bricks with a flat brush of 10 mm. Extra joint application is not necessary. After the adhesive is settled and joints get dry, sweep the surface with a hand brush.
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