Capatect OSB Dowels (without screws)

Specially designed for use on Osb and similar prefabricated surfaces. Since screw diameter, size and type will change depending on the surface, Capatect OSB Dowel is screwless.

Dowel head diameter: 6 cm
Length: 2.5 cm

Capatect OSB Dowel should be fixed with a screw, model and length of which is suitable for the thickness of the insulation board where it will be applied on and the type and thickness of the surface where those boards will be applied on. During the screwing process, care should be taken that dowels enter into the surface such that they are located at the same level with boards and that screw is not pushed more than required.

For example, in an application where thickness of thermal insulation board is 5 cm, if it is considered that the approximate thickness of adhesive is 0.5 cm and thickness of application surface is 2 cm, the maximum screw length should be:

Board Thickness ( 5 cm ) + Adhesive Thickness ( 0.5 cm ) + Application Surface ( 2 cm ) OSB
Dowel Length ( 2.5 cm ) = 5 cm.
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