Capatect Rockwool Anchor Stamp


Can be used in compliance with all Capatect Dowels in exterior surface thermal insulation systems and mineralwool board applications. Performs excellent adsorption by expanding the contact area of dowel.
Head diameter : 9 cm
It is necessary to select plugs suitable for the surface to which the insulation is applied. Plugs with steel nails and mineralwool dowel washers should be used for applications where mineralwool thermal insulation board will be used. Plugging process should start at least 24 hours after the adhesion process. In details (ceiling, elliptic surface etc.) that cannot wait for 24 hours, plugging should be performed right after the adhesion of center sections of the board. Plugging should not be performed within 6-24 hours following the application in order to ensure the full strength of thermal insulation adhesive.

For buildings with 0-8 m height, dowels should be applied such that there will be 6 plugs in one square-meter, 1 plug on each joint of boards and 2 plugs at the center of each board, for every surface. Due to the wind load which increases depending on the height, 2 more dowels should be placed on the board sides which fit on the corners of the building, height of which is 8-20 m, 3 more dowels should be placed if height of the building exceeds 20 m. On gas concrete surfaces, if height of the building does not exceed 20 m, 2 gas concrete dowels can be used at the center of the board and 4 wall plugs with plastic nails can be used on the corners of the board. Plug heads should be fitted into the insulation board such that blistering will not occur in the plaster. Hole opened for dowel capsules should be 45-50 mm from the wall surface and the dowel should be adhered through 35 mm inside this hole. Care should be taken that dowels will be mounted such that they will enter 10-15 cm into sides and corners of the building.
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