CarbonMax Thermal Insulation Plaster

Capatect Carbonmax is a special cement based plaster with superior resistance against impact which was enhanced with High-Tech Carbon fibers, covers the top surface of polystyrene and mineralwool boards and is used for inward mesh application.


After a minimum of 24 hours, fix the completed thermal and sound insulation materials, such as polystyrene based and mineralwool boards adhering works with dowels. Mount the profiles on proper areas especially on the corners of building and corners of spaces such as windows and doors and on fugas. Apply Capatect Carbonmax Thermal Insulation Plaster on 2.5-3.0 mm thick thermal insulation boards with an 8x8 toothed steel trowel. Push the alkali resistant glass-fiber mesh (105 g/m2) through approximately 1 mm with a trowel so that it is close to the exterior surface before the plaster gets dry so that it overlaps 10 cm and the plaster surface is smoothed. Window and door corners are supported with cross glass-fiber mesh. During application and drying period, ambient and surface temperatures should be between +5°C and +30?. Do not carry out this application in direct sunlight, in the rain or in strong winds. Surface should be protected against freezing before setting time of product is up. However, if the ambient and surface temperature exceed +25°C; to prevent sudden water loss and ensure a quick setting time for the plaster, spray the surface at intervals (with unpressurized water) to moisten it. Clean the tools you have used with water soon after application. After the plaster application, you should coat the surface before it is exposed to excessive frost, humidity and rain.
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