Cladding Surface Applications

Capatect Thermal Insulation System offers aesthetics and prestige for you with Capatect Elastic Brick and decoration profiles along with the advantages provided for your buildings such as energy saving, mold prevention and decrease of repair costs. With Capatect System, your old, worn-out and faded building surfaces are renewed. Your buildings are refined and gain prestige thanks to unique Elastic Brick alternatives, top coat coatings, paint options and limitless architectural solutions. Capatect Decoration Profiles add aesthetics to many architectural details including windows, doors, storey transitions, subbasement levels, roof cornices and parapet wall endings.

Capatect Elastic Bricks are shaped by hand and are used to provide an aesthetic appearance to interior surfaces as well as to decorate the thermally insulated or uninsulated exterior surfaces.
Capatect Surface Decoration Expertise combines with Dalmaçyalı thermal insulation performance which is superior in all points and brings the aesthetical look and beauty you dream of to your building surfaces. Capatect Elastic Brick and Decor Profiles, Silicone Thermal Insulation System Paints, Mineral and Silicone Coating products, which are produced with Filli Boya's expertise and sense of quality, are used alternatively and creative color options appealing to the eye are offered to you. Now, dreams know no limits.
Thermal Insulation
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