Coating Primer

Acrylic copolymer emulsion based, white Capatect Coating Primer with high adherence strength. Used on exterior and interior surface thermal insulation systems or old painted or unpainted exterior and interior surfaces before Capatect coating applications.


Used on thermal insulation systems and old painted or unpainted exterior and interior surfaces before coating applications.


  • Has high adherence strength.
  • Creates a special adherence between application surface and Capatect Coating.
  • Prevents dirt and stains on the old surface from rising to Capatect Coating.
  • Has high covering strength.
  • Hardens the application surface.
  • Reduces water absorbency of the surface. Makes surface homogeneous for coating.


Surfaces where Capatect Coating Primer will be applied should be cleared of all kind of dirt and be dry. If interior or exterior surface has been coated with a solvent based paint, this surface should be sanded and cleared of oxide layer. Apply Capatect Coating Primer directly onto interior or exterior surfaces which have been painted with emulsion-based paint or which will be painted for the first time, with a brush, a roller brush or by spraying. Mix before application. During application, care should be taken that the surface and weather temperatures are between +5°C and +30°C. Do not carry out application on very hot surfaces under direct sun light or in strong winds. It is recommended to apply the product 1 day before Capatect Coating application and as one coat.

Maximum 5% Alpina Color System colorant may be added into Capatect Coating Primer in terms of color tone in order to create color harmony with Capatect Coating where application will be carried out.
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