Corner Profile (Aluminum)

Capatect Corner Profile (Aluminum):

A stainless aluminum profile with 2.5 m length which is used with the purpose of protecting building corners, windows, door edges against possible mechanical damage and smoothing plaster coat.

Capatect corner profiles should be placed on insulation plates with mesh such that they contact with the whole surface. If PVC corner profile with mesh is used, mesh of the profile and the mesh used on the surface should be put over each other; if aluminium corner profile is used, the glass-fiber mesh on the surface should be applied such that it completely turns the corner under the profile. 6 Capatect Dilatation Profile is applied with Capatect Thermal Insulation Plaster. Dilatation gasket at the center of the profile should be adjusted such that it will absorb the movement which may occur in both directions (shrinking-expansion).

Capatect Windowsill Extension Profile is applied between windowsill and plate when thermal insulation plates are being adhered. Capatect Sealing Tape and Capa-Mastic products should be used around the window and windowsill in order to prevent water intrusions.
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