ETAG 004

ETAG 004 certificate issued by The European Organization for Technical Approvals (EOTA) is a comprehensive performance and durability evaluation system which is prepared for plastered exterior surface systems. ETAG 004 is a comprehensive method which requires a complete testing of performance of thermal insulation systems and determines the final performances of system components coming together (i.e. thermal insulation material, glue, plaster, glass-fiber mesh, surface coating materials, etc.) through the climatization tests stimulating real conditions.

In this method, thermal insulation system is used on a wall larger than minimum 6 m2 in a way so that it contains window details and application differences in the site. Afterwards, the climate conditions that the wall is exposed to are created in laboratory environment by using a special climatization unit. Thanks to this unit, the thermal insulation system is heated as the sun heats and gets wet by the rain. Climate events that the system is exposed to in real conditions are applied to a test wall with 80 cycles which are performed in 20 days. The final purpose of durability tests within ETAG 004 guidance is to provide the determination of thermal insulation systems which will maintain their thermal insulation task throughout the building's life span without causing any technical and aesthetical problem on surface. Systems passing these tests successfully are granted an ETAG 004 certificate by EOTA.

Having the certificate of conformity to TS EN 13499 Thermal Insulation System Standard, Capatect Thermal Insulation System has demonstrated its quality one more time by receiving ETAG 004 Certificate issued by The European Organization for Technical Approvals (EOTA) with its own production facilities.
Thermal Insulation
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