If you are unhappy with high gas bills in winter, and want to keep hour house cool in the summer, insulation would meet your needs. The insulation application prevents heat from passing between environments with different temperatures!

What is Insulation?
Insulation is the coating of the exterior of the building similar to a person doning a coat. The insulation application that is performed for thermal insulation purposes consists of different layers. At Filli Boya, thanks to our ongoing R&D studies, since 2003, we have been developing insulation materials that meet the requirements of buildings. Each building’s requirements are different. When applying insulation, materials that meet the specific requirements of that particular building must be chosen and applied according to the correct technique. The benefits of insulation can be listed as follows:

  • Reduces the consumption of natural resources as well as air pollution,
  • Insulation provides, on average, 50% energy savings, contributing to the economy of the country as well as personal budgets,
  • In houses with insulation, the heat is distributed evenly, adding to the comfort of the environment,
  • The safety of the building is improved as wear on the walls caused by humidity, cold and hot weather is reduced,
  • The facade of your building gains an aesthetic look.

How is insulation Applied?
Prior to the insulation application, the building must be surveyed to determine its requirements clearly. You can take advantage of the complimentary survey services offered by Filli Boya to have this process completed free of charge in the shortest time possible. Insulation pricing is determined on the basis of the requirements of your building. Together with the survey, Filli Boya Insulation Specialists also prepare a list of the insulation materials suitable for your building and share the insulation m2 price with you. After this, you only need to reach a decision, either by yourself or with the building management, and leave the rest to the Insulation Specialists at Filli Boya. This team, which is highly specialized in its field, will arrive with the necessary materials to complete the job within the time period determined during the survey.
Thermal Insulation
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