Mineral Coating (Line-Texture)


It can be safely used on thin plaster, smoothly made rough cast, concrete, gas concrete or self-supporting silicate or acrylic based old paints for renovation or on thermal and sound insulation materials such as polystyrene based and mineralwool boards.


Apply the prepared homogenous mixture to the surface properly with a steel trowel or an appropriate spraying machine and removed excess material from the surface to achieve a layer whose thickness is equal to particles in product. Texture should be applied within 10 minutes at most after Capatect Mineral Coatingis applied to application surface homogenously. To obtain the thin-grain texture, apply texture in circular movements with the help of a plastic or polyurethane trowel. Scrape the trowel surface frequently when applying texture. Products with the same charge numbers should be used on same surface. In order to avoid overlaps on wide surfaces, care should be taken that sufficient number of people work together on the application and material is applied without breaks and in a position that it comes to joint ends or detail corners. Do not apply in direct sun light, strong winds, at high relative humidity or on surfaces warmed by the sun directly. Protective canvas should be used when needed. Sub-surface and weather temperature should be between +5°C and +30°C for the application. At temperatures exceeding +25°C, moisten the surface by spraying (with unpressurized water) at intervals to prevent sudden water loss and strength reduction. Under normal conditions, wait 24 hours before adding colour to the surface.
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