Panzer Mesh 340 gr/m2

Special coated glass woven meshes which do not lose their characteristics by not melting in plaster thanks to their alkali strengths and which are used as a carrier of the plaster by being put in plaster coat when wet on expanded polystyrene or rockwool during thermal insulation applications. Moreover, they are used as a supportive mesh to prevent cracks and spalling in various mortar and plaster applications.

Capatect Panzer Mesh is an alkali resistant, special coated glass woven mesh with a weight of 340 gr/m2 and screen opening of 5.0x5.5. Used as a carrier especially on surfaces which require higher strength such as ground floors, parking areas and trash dumps.


  • Weight: 340 gr/m2 ± 5% DIN 53 854
  • Strength: min. 80 N/mm (warp and weft) DIN EN ISO 13934-1
  • Remaining strength after alkali test min. 50% (28 days for NaOH of 5%)

Capatect Panzer Mesh (340 gr/m2) is pushed with trowel before thermal insulation plaster gets dry so that it overlaps 10 cm at joints and in such a position that it will be close to the exterior surface and plaster surface is smoothed. Window and door corners are supported with special cross glass-fiber mesh. Corner and window profiles are mounted. Mesh should not be seen from outside after it is applied. Then, complete the system with paint and top coat coating.
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