Subbasement Profile (Aluminum)

Capatect Subbasement Profile:

Capatect Subbasement Profile is a reference profile made of aluminium, mounted mechanically in order to protect ending on bottom edge of the system and at the side when required.


In applications which will be performed above the ground level, at first, miter, plummet and level of the building will be investigated and care will be taken that the application is performed at the same level in accordance with the location of the building. In the subbasement area, pressure strength of thermal insulation material which is used at minimum 30 cm height from the ground level should be 200 kPa minimum and for long-term dip, water absorbency value by volume should be below 1.5%.

Subbasement profile mounting should be performed by screws with approximately 30 cm gaps and defects on sub surface should be corrected. End to end profiles should not overlap, 2-3 mm should be left between them.
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