Thermal Insulation Adhesive

Capatect is a cement based special adhesive used in order to adhere thermal and sound insulation plates like polystyrene and mineralwool to mineral based surfaces such as concrete, plaster, brick, gas concrete, etc. in indoor and outdoor places.


  • Ensures strong adherence between polystyrene based and mineralwool plates and mineral surfaces.
  • Thanks to the high and healthy polymer rate in its structure - It is safe.
    - It is safe.
    - It is flexible.
    - It has a high adherence performance.
  • Its resistance against outdoor weather conditions is proved with hygrothermic wall tests.
  • Has high water vapor permeability.
  • Has superior operating and application characteristics.


Adherence (On mineral surface) : > 0.30 N/mm2
Adherence (On polystyrene surface) : > 0.08 N/mm2 EN 13494


For surfaces whose necessary sub surface preparation operations have been completed, point apply Capatect with a trowel in stripes of 4-5 cm to all edges of the insulation plate and as three parts with same distance to the center part of the insulation plate. Combing can be made with a 10x10 toothed steel trowel on smooth surfaces.

If the plate is mineralwool, line the plate by applying glue as a thin layer on edges and blocks of the plate. After this process, perform the standard adhesive application.

Do not apply the adhesive on side surfaces of plates. Adjust the thickness of the adhesive which will be applied according to the smoothness of the sub surface. Line the plate prepared with this method by applying a slight pressure to the surface where plates will adhere to fitting them to the subbasement profile so that they touch each other. Joints of insulation plates should not overlap. Plates should be staggered. Adhesion should be carried out by pushing firmly with the help of a gauge so that a smooth surface is formed. During application and drying period, ambient and surface temperatures should be between +5°C and +30?. Do not carry out the application in direct sunlight, in the rain or in winds. Surface should be protected against freezing before setting time of product is up. Clean the tools you have used with water soon after application.
Thermal Insulation
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