Water Repellency Tape

Capatect Water Sealing Tape: An isolation tape with impregnated structure which absorbs movements at points such as windowsills, window frames and roof cornices on buildings and which does not leak heavy rain.

Water sealing tape and/or Capa-Mastic should be used in locations having the risk of water leakage in order to prevent water seeping in. While adhering the insulation plate with water sealing tape on the surface, it should be ensured that water sealing tape is compressed between relevant surface and plate. Capa-Mastic product can be used as an alternative to the sealing tape in order to prevent the water intrusions to the back of the system from aforementioned locations.

Capa-Mastic should be performed after plaster or coating application and windows and windowsills should be protected with masking tape before the application.
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