Advantages of Insulation

İçerik 05.02.2015
Buildings which are required to offer comfortable and healthy environments by protecting people from the external climate conditions serve as a shield. Buildings are exposed to the effects against which they protect their users. For buildings to serve as a shield, they should be protected from the external effects such as climate conditions, water, noise, fire and vibration. The shield of buildings which protect us is insulation.

Insulation ensures that the building remains healthy and reliable and extends its life by protecting the building from internal and external effects. Buildings which are regarded as an economic investments nowadays can only keep their values by insulation applications. Durability of the buildings is important in terms of the security of life of persons using these buildings. Moreover, extending the life of the building prevents the resource waste and provides economic benefits.

In addition to this, it is an essential application for enhancing the quality of personal and communal life. Since effects that persons are exposed to in different ways such as noise and air pollution are reduced by the insulation, psychological and physiological problems are prevented and quality of personal life is enhanced by creating healthy environments. Persons become more productive in a comfortable environment and mistakes resulting from carelessness reduce.

By applying insulation, energy is used efficiently and contribution to environmental pollution is reduced. Moreover, communal life quality can be increased by transferring the savings obtained from the cost of energy to health expenses.
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