As Vivid as the First Day with New AlpinaSilan

İçerik 30.01.2015

The Leader of the Turkish Paint industry, Filli Boya's new paint for interior surfaces, AlpinaSilan ensures that the colors in your living spaces remain as vivid as the first day for a long time thanks to its performance exceeding all properties expected from the easy-to wipe interior surface paints, excellent texture and new "Color and Surface Protection Technology".

Smooth surfaces with maximum resistance obtained through the "Color and Surface Protection Technology" specific to AlpinaSilan ensures that colors appear just like the first day by preventing the stains and dirt in your living spaces from entering into the pores of the paint. AlpinaSilan brings comfort to your living spaces by reflecting the colors more strikingly and intensely. Fully wipe AlpinaSilan protects its Silky Matte texture which is made more vivid for a long time owing to this outstanding property.