Betek Kayseri Factory Opened

İçerik 30.01.2015

Finishing the year 2011 as the leader in the paint and thermal insulation industry with its turnover of 668 million TL, Betek continued its investments without slowing down in spite of economic crisis. Following the plant of 152.000 m2 in Gebze and the plant of 11.000 m2 in Egypt, opening of Kayseri Factory of 104.000 m2 was carried out in the 7th death anniversary of Celal Akpinar.

Opening ceremony of Betek Insulation Production Plant opened by Taner Yildiz, minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Erdogan Bayraktar, minister of Environment and Urban Planning on Friday 27 April, 2012, was attended by many estimable public managers, representatives of nongovernmental organizations, Betek Group's dealers, business partners, employees and businessmen of Kayseri.

BETEK, the leading company of the Turkish construction industry which provides service with its brands Filli Boya, Fawori, Alsecco and Alligator end emphasizes how important energy efficiency is for the future of humanity, made a highly significant investment in the field of sustainability, which is the most important problem of today's world. Establishment of production plant, which will operate in Kayseri, was made on an open area of 104.000 m2. Together with the largest exterior surface thermal insulation production plant of Anatolia in terms of technological investment, production capacity and investment value, Betek now will be able to produce 36 million m2 thermal insulation system in a year. This capacity is equal to the thermal insulation sales of Betek group between 2003-2011.

40% of total energy consumed in Turkey is used in buildings and 74% of energy we need is imported from abroad. In over 16 million uninsulated residences in our country, a potential of annual saving and decrease in current account deficit of 10 billion dollars draw attention thanks to the thermal insulation application in buildings, which is the most important saving method. While UN countries plan to consume 20% less energy for 2020, they aim to apply sustainable energy in 20% of buildings, cause less greenhouse gas emission for 20% and fulfill 20% of energy requirement with sustainable resources. Aiming to contribute in Turkey in order to reach the standards of UN countries, Betek Group made this highly significant investment. Betek, which also perform activities in global platform of its industry, maintains its operations with the vision of becoming top paint and thermal insulation producer of Europe.

Our Biggest Competitor is Us!

Drawing attention with investments for development and consciousness raising of industry in addition to factory investments and achieving three times more production capacity compared to its nearest competitor, Betek emphasized that Turkey is the biggest market in Europe in the field of exterior surface thermal insulation systems and claimed that its biggest competitor is itself. From the first day of foundation, Betek transmits its leadership approach on energy efficiency to the new projects it brings to life.

Akpınar Opened Factory at Her Father's Death Anniversary In her opening speech, Betek Group Chairman Gözde Akpınar stated that they continue their progress by adopting an attitude worthy of leadership with the help of an endless trust to Betek company, which she took over in 2005 when she lost her father. Stating that they have reached this place by sometimes being provident and sometimes taking risks, Akpınar made an emotional speech at her father Celal Akpınar's 7th death anniversary by pointing out that they achieved significant successes her father would be proud of as she promised to him.

Betek General Director Tayfun Küçükoğlu said that Betek continues growing day by day with its high consideration to technology, huge investments and sources assigned for R&D operations and he continued; "With our innovative products and technologies, we ensured thermal insulation application for nearly 380.000 residences since 2003 when we started to operate in 2003. In this way, we ensured buildings to use 590 million m3 less natural gas corresponding to 620 million TL with the saving achieved in heating. By developing our service infrastructure across Turkey, we provided employment for 48.000 people for application services in addition to 1191 employees and 4500 dealers." He also stated for the new factory that they expect an additional employment of 8000 people in 2012. Küçükoğlu also emphasized that efforts for insulation is the social responsibility activity integrating with the development of our country and said that they were distinguished as the only company in Turkey producing all the main components of thermal insulation systems and Kayseri investment is the starting point of their love for Anatolia and the country.

Betek Insulation Group Deputy General Manager Gülay Dindoruk pointed out that thanks to the thermal insulation they apply, they can prevent 1,26 million tonnes carbon dioxide from being emitted to atmosphere when only heating costs are calculated without taking air conditioner and cooling costs to account. She also emphasized that this amount is equal to 93% of carbon dioxide amount absorbed by Bolu Forests in a year or to 43% of carbon dioxide amount emitted by vehicles in Istanbul traffic in a year. Dindoruk pointed out that they draw attention in industry with education, consciousness raising and communication activities and made an investment of 106 million dollars in this field during 9 years. She told that, they directed the industry in this way and left their mark, they are ready and act as leader for any tasks and works as well as mutual projects with public institutions and nongovernmental organizations for their country.

Using Energy Efficiently is a Culture

In the opening ceremony started with the speeches of Taner Yildiz, minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Erdogan Bayraktar, minister of Environment and Urban Planning, Yildiz stated, "Subject of energy efficiency is a culture all by itself and therefore Betek's investments make a great contribution to humanity in addition to the economic aspects. There are not many investments which contribute to compensation time for 2 years or more. Witnessing the implementation of the strategies we developed give us excitement. This is why we appreciate this huge investment of Betek in Kayseri."

I Wish Everyone a Dutiful Child Like Ms Gözde

Bayraktar started his speech by stating how he was impressed from the speech of Ms. Gozde dedicated to her father. Emphasizing the effects of thermal insulation to energy saving and environment, Bayraktar pointed out that this investment should be regarded as a model for everyone. Bayraktar finished his speech by wishing God to give everyone a dutiful child like Ms Gozde. Turkey Must Be Among Top 10 Economies of World in 2023

Betek develops innovative products which will ensure energy efficiency with the help of power coming from 25 years’ experience. Betek Group, which believes that Turkey should solve the energy problem to be one of top 10 economies of World by 2023, acts by regarding the fact that this development process will promise humanity a great future. Betek Group knows that energy efficiency can be achieved by developing environment-friendly products.

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