Better World Project Comes to an End

İçerik 05.02.2015
"A BETTER WORLD" project which emphasizes the importance of energy efficiency and thermal insulation on the fight against climate change and which is organized by Filli Boya Insulation Group and WWF Turkey cooperation has been completed with the last seminar held in İzmir.

Global climate change threatens our world. The accumulation of greenhouse gases emitted from the use of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coil on the atmosphere leads to the climate change. The global average temperature has risen about 0.7 °C in the last century. It is predicted that a rise of 2 °C will drive our planet to irremediable disasters. Turkey is one of the countries which will be damaged by the effects of the global climate change mostly. The effects of climate change will be aridity, income loss in agriculture and tourism, increase in forest fires and loss of biological diversity for Turkey. Filli Boya Insulation could not remain silent against these negative signs and has started an awareness journey. Filli Boya has completed the first year of this journey. In order to make a move against these dangers before it is too late, Filli Boya Insulation Group - Capatect brand and WWF Turkey saw every part of our country and informed the public on the measures which may be taken such as thermal insulation for raising awareness on climate change and energy efficiency and reducing our Carbon Footprint.

Within the project, during the last year seminars were organized with the cooperation of Municipalities, Provincial Directorates of Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, Chambers of Architects, Chambers of Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers and Electrical Engineers, Chambers of Industry and Trade and universities in Konya, Bursa, Erzurum, Isparta, Trabzon and İzmir. In these seminars, both effects of global climate changes on global, national and regional scales and most essential measures to be taken such as energy efficiency and thermal insulation in buildings were discussed.

Filli Boya Insulation and WWF Turkey reached thousands of people with "A Better World" project in which topics such as "Energy Efficiency in Buildings" "Importance of Thermal Insulation in Buildings for a Sustainable World", "Measures on Environmental Protection and Thermal Insulation" and "Climate Changes and Energy Saving" were discussed. Filli Boya Insulation and WWF Turkey gathered relevant local administrators, industry professionals, academicians and local people from different regions of Turkey.

A Better World Project reached 30,000 people with both presentation and stand activities by the organizations with high level of participation such as carbon compensation project, dealer congress, energy congress and green business conference held on web environment within the last year.

Filli Boya Insulation contributes to industry and country every day with environment and sustainability policies and will continue to work for a better world with its environmental-friendly products and projects.
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