Blue Cycle Lane for Kadıköy from Filli Boya

İçerik 05.02.2015
Filli Boya realized one more project carried out with municipalities. As part of the healthy life, energy efficiency and environmental awareness, Filli Boya painted 3.5 km long Kurbağalıdere - Fenerbahçe cycle path with Kadıköy Municipality.
The opening of the cycle path took place in Yoğurtçu Park on Saturday, 26th October. People living in Kadıköy, Süslü Kadınlar Topluluğu (Association of Ornate Women) and Bicycle Federation members showed a great interest in the opening.
The activity was announced on social media and Filli Boya and Kadıköy Municipality simultaneously shared the importance of cycling with all followers by various notifications.
Filli Boya continues its sensitive activities which aim to provide real benefits to society and which are carried out with social responsibility consciousness with contributions of municipalities.