Color is Coming to Exterior Walls

İçerik 05.02.2015

AmphiSilan-G Offers Eye-Catching Exterior Surfaces and Unique Dry-Matte Texture...

Thanks to AmphiSilan-G which is developed using the high technology and experience of AmphiSilan, the undisputed leader of Filli Boya in exterior surfaces, "Vivid Colors" (organic) display resistance to fading as much as the inorganic colors. AmphiSilan-G both facilitates the application for experts and provides an enviable appearance to exterior surfaces and it offers more than expected from exterior surface paints with its vivid colors.

Here you can find the properties of AmphiSilan-G which comes into prominence with its outstanding performance;

Glossy and Pleasing Dry-Matte Texture

While your exterior surfaces reach an eye-catching glossiness, they also have a pleasing texture thanks to the unique Dry-Matte Texture of AmphiSilan-G. Thanks to this optimum brightness, the colors will be brighter and more pleasing to the eye.

Reduces Abrasions and Blistering!

Thanks to its special structure, moisture on the wall is excluded and therefore, spalling of the paint is completely prevented. With the special formula developed for harsh climatic conditions, the paint applied integrates with the surface and performs satisfactorily for many years. With the high level of binding agent, it builds a CO2 (carbondioxide) barrier. AmphiSilan-G, with its CO2 impermeability, prevents corrosion, protects the concrete and does not allow outside water to go in.

Prevents Cracks Thanks to its High Flexibility!

With its unique technology, AmphiSilan-G ensures that the paint stretches completely in parallel with the surface and prevents micro cracks on the surface which is one of the biggest problems regarding exterior surfaces.

Provides Perfect Adherence Even on the Concrete Surfaces!

With its special formula, AmphiSilan-G provides a perfect adherence even on the most difficult gross concrete surfaces.
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