“Ecotech” Environmentally Friendly Thermal Insulation Plaster

İçerik 30.01.2015
Filli Boya Insulation Group provides support for protecting the ecological balance with ECOTECH Thermal Insulation Plaster which has been developed for Capatect Thermal Insulation System.
When compared to the standard EPS plates, Capatect Dalmaçyalı Thermal Insulation Plates have 20% higher thermal insulation performance. Filli Boya offers a higher thermal insulation performance without increasing the thickness of the plates with the Capatect Dalmaçyalı Thermal Insulation Plates and combines the outstanding performance of Capatect Dalmaçyalı with the environment-friendly thermal insulation plaster Capatect ECOTECH. Filli Boya continues to fight for the climate change with its environment-friendly and efficient products.
ECOTECH thermal insulation plaster developed for Capatect Thermal Insulation Systems which works harmoniously together from the plate to adhesive and from the plaster to top coat coating and paint products is used for applying finishing coat on thermal insulation plates in interior and exterior surfaces.
Thanks to its special formula, ECOTECH provides equal quantities with its 15 kg package as the 25 kg plaster packages of similar plaster products. It offers convenience in terms of transportation and stocking and contributes to supporting environment with less carbon emission. Due to its lightness, ECOTECH saves time and labor by the fast and easy application. Filli Boya Insulation has been awarded with the most environmental-friendly plant in "2013 Environmentally Friendly Plant Prize" and it will continue to provide support to the industry and country with its environment and sustainability policies.
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