Filli Boya Introduces You to the Colors of the Future

İçerik 05.02.2015
Filli Boya, re-evaluated the concept of color, which is the main element of living spaces, with Umit Unal. After a long-term study, Umit Unal, an important person in the fashion and style world and who represents our country abroad, put his work for Filli Boya Coloration Color Trends for Two thousand thirteen/Two thousand fourteen into practice.

The work, prepared for Filli Boya by Umit Unal, the Turkish representative of International Commission for Color (ICC), who is an expert in the subject of "color" all over the world for about a half century and who has deeply influenced many disciplines, trends and industries, particularly textile, fashion and architecture worldwide, consists of six concepts and eighty colors.

The catalogue that was prepared within the scope of Filli Boya Coloration Color Trends for Two thousand thirteen / Two thousand fourteen will guide anyone that pays attention to the decoration of living spaces and color harmony; particularly architects, interior architects and designers in our country.

Click if you want to know the colors of the future closely, decorate your living spaces with the colors of the future and get more detailed information...

Filli Boya Coloration "Color Trends for Two thousand thirteen / Two thousand fourteen"

Wabi: The Concept of a Magical Reflection
Qatsi: The Body of Things That Mirrors Life and Humanity
Aurora: Magical Colors From The Sun
Aquatic: The Representation of The Deepest Colors
Filafil: Characteristic And Clearer Postures
Prismatic: Future Colors of The Most Assertive Notion of Life
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