Filli Boya-Sponsored Silent Cinema Days

İçerik 05.02.2015
Held by Kino Istanbul in cooperation with Istanbul Şehir University and Istanbul Modern, Istanbul Silent Cinema Days were realized under the title of "Sessiz Sedasız Geldiler" (They Came Silently) on October 9-10-11-12 with the main sponsorship of Filli Boya for the first time this year. Event was primarily hosted by Istanbul Modern Cinema with official supports of Cineteca di Bologna in Bologna of Italy, one of the most prestigious institutions of the world in film restoration, as well as EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. Silent Cinema Days presented some early period cinema works in 2014, the year when the 100th year of cinema in Turkey was celebrated. Frames from the Ottoman era were brought to life with a conversation session held within Şehir University and carried to the academic world. Additionally, the Orson Welles movie, Too Much Johnson, dated 1938, which was thought to be missing for a long time and was presented to the audience in 2013 for the first time also attracted attention during the event.

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