Now it’s Your Turn On the Filli Boya Stage

İçerik 30.01.2015
Everyone who sings Filli Boya's "Hayattan Rengi Alın Geri Neyi Kalır ki?" (Remove color from life, what's left behind?) jingle which has won recognition across Turkey gets the opportunity to win gifts while having fun.
In the competition which will start on April 17 and end on May 4, visitors will sing the jingle of Filli Boya, “Hayattan Rengi Alın Geri Neyi Kalır ki?” and upload the relevant videos to
In the final of the competition, the first three favorite videos' owners who use their skills and imagination will have the opportunity to win the most precious prizes. The winner and the second place and third place winners will be awarded with an iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPod Shuffle, respectively. Moreover, owners of the best rated 10 videos and top 10 voters will be awarded with a cheque of 7,5 liters of paint from AlpinaSilan.