Recycling for thousands of tons of waste from Filli Boya.

İçerik 30.01.2015

In 2012, Filli Boya contributed to the recycling of 3656 tonnes of waste including packaging wastes and recyclable hazardous wastes thanks to its applications in the field of waste management, recovery and recycle.
Filli Boya, owner of the largest production and technology base in Europe, which adopted energy efficiency applications, sustainability activities and environmental consciousness as its basic principles, recycled 3656 tonnes of waste emerged within its plants in 2012 and regained them to the economy of our country. With its environment friendly approach and with the investments that it has made in this field, Filli Boya is taking important steps as a model facility. Filli Boya recycles waste products that fall into three main groups, including "Packaging Wastes" (Paper-board, nylon, metal, plastic, wood etc.), "Recyclable Dangerous Wastes" and "Non-Recyclable Dangerous Wastes" in its Gebze facility that covers 152,000 m² surface area, 90,000 m² of which is indoor area. The annual production capacity of the facility is 348 thousand tonnes. Thus, it allows this waste to be used in the industry as raw materials over again. Filli Boya has been awarded with "Environmental-Friendly Plant" award in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Healthy Cities Association Environmental-Friendly Plants category by Gebze Municipality in 2013 and in 2012, Filli Boya contributed to the recycling of 3656 tonnes of waste, 705 tonnes of which are dangerous wastes, directly and indirectly. Within the same year, it received new certificates such as "TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems", "TS ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System" and "TS EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System".