Solar-Powered Charging Stations

İçerik 30.01.2015
solar şarjFilli Boya Insulation - Capatect Thermal Insulation Systems have always been sensitive to the environment and human health in order to leave a better world to next generations and for preventing the damage of fossil fuels to the world and realized the solar-charge stations for mobile phones which have no external electrical connections. Filli Boya Insulation attracts attention to how the solar energy can be adapted to our daily lives by "Solar-Charge Stations" which allow mobile phones and all electronic devices which are charged by USB to be charged freely by solar energy.
Capatect ensures that more than one mobile phone and electrical device with USB connection are charged simultaneously with charge stations built in main entrances of Ankara Yenimahalle Municipality and Ragıp Tüzün Park and İzmir Bornova Municipality, Bornova Square.

Filli Boya Sponsor of Arkitera Awards 2012