The Joy of Orange

İçerik 05.02.2015
Orange is a secondary color which is achieved by mixing red and yellow at equal rates and it is also included in the scope of warm colors. You can achieve different tones of orange by changing the rates of red and yellow within the mixture.

Orange is an extrovert, exciting, pleasing, dynamic, eye-catching, striking and cheering color. The general characteristics of warm colors, such as bringing dynamism and joy to a person, is applied to orange which is the second warmest color after red. Orange is also the color of fanciness and glitz; however, it can be used comfortably since it is not as irritating as the color red.

People who love orange are generally extrovert, active, happy people and they have strong social relationships. In addition to these, they sometimes show vein tendencies, struggle to be right and want to hold the high ground.

The color orange speeds up the metabolism with the effects of two warm colors, yellow and red, which form this color. It brings dynamism, gives courage and confidence. It stimulates the mind. It is said that orange is beneficial for diseases of the pancreas, kidney, spleen, liver and for stomach ulcers and reduces rheumatism.

Orange brings joy and dynamism to environments where this color is predominantly used. Therefore, it can be used in children's rooms, the kitchen and the dining room. It is not recommended for working rooms since it prevents you from focusing attention, for resting rooms due to its dynamic effect and for bedrooms. When this color is required to be used in such environments, it should be combined with different colors and the negative effects should be eliminated.

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