The Paint Sector’s Mobile Revolution is Renewed

İçerik 05.02.2015
Filli Boya’s "Mimar Benim" application was renewed with the latest design, state of art technology functions, color trends and schemes.

The application is a first in the paint industry and it gives users the chance to be the architect of their living spaces. Thanks to the developed coloring module, "Mimar Benim" provide users with the opportunity to paint their living places with colors which are close to the original color tones based on light and shadowing. Since it was published in 2012, the "Mimar Benim" application has been downloaded more than 70,000 times and designated among the "10 Best Application in Turkey" by Apple. Moreover, it has been selected as the favorite application in the industry in the category of "Best Mobile Application" by "Direct Marketing Communicators Association" and awarded with a prize.

According to the report prepared by the Dutch mobile application analytics company DISTMO Mimar Benim ranked 2nd under the category of "Fun" for Android devices and it ranked 6th in the category of "10 Most Downloaded Fun Applications" for iPads. According to the survey carried out within a sample group consisting of 7,855 persons by MMA Turkey and Digital Age, "Mimar Benim" is among the first 5 applications under the decoration category of "Most Attention-Grabbing" applications list and continues to prove its success.

You can download "Mimar Benim" application from AppStore for IOS and from GooglePlay for Android devices and through, you can select the colors of your living spaces under the section of "Renklendirin" (Colourize).

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