Thermal Insulation Benefits

İçerik 05.02.2015
1. FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: You use less fuel when you have exterior surface thermal insulation. You make a great contribution to preventing global warming caused by air pollution and to protecting the environment.

2. FOR THE NATIONAL ECONOMY: With a technically proper thermal insulation application, it is possible to reduce our national annual energy consumption to half by achieving 50% energy saving.

3. FOR INDIVIDUAL SAVINGS: Thanks to the fuel saving achieved with an applied thermal insulation system, thermal insulation costs can be regained in 3 winter seasons on average. This compensation periods may vary between 2 and 5 years depending on the quantity and type of fuel consumed as well as the type of the building. Considering that thermal insulation is an economy to last for 4 seasons, this period will get shorter if we regard that air conditioner costs (power, coolant, service) will also decrease in the summer season with this insulation.

4. FOR COMFORT: Heat is distributed equally in houses where exterior surface thermal insulation is applied. No condensation and air flow occur as the temperature of walls rises; health and comfortable living places are achieved. You can have a healthy life and working area with your beloved ones thanks to the Thermal Insulation.

5. FOR HEALTH: Temperature differences in our living places cause condensation and growth of mold and fungus! This situation leads to upper respiratory infections such as asthma and influenza. Heat is distributed equally within the rooms in houses where exterior surface thermal insulation is applied. You do not experience hygienic problems in this way and do not see any eyesore images on your walls which affect your health as well.

6. FOR SECURITY: Reinforcements within concrete in the walls of a building where exterior surface thermal insulation is not applied are exposed to corrosion due to condensation in the course of time and they lose their strength! With the Thermal Insulation you can prevent your surfaces from corrosion because of the external factors and ensure that your building remains safe structurally for many years.

7. FOR AESTHETICS: With Thermal Insulation System, your old, worn-out and faded building surfaces are renewed. Capatect Surface Decoration Expertise combines with Dalmaçyalı thermal insulation performances which are superior in all points and brings the aesthetical look and beauty in your dreams to your building surfaces. Capatect Elastic Brick and Decor Profiles, Thermal Insulation System Paints, Mineral and Silicone Coating products, which are produced with Filli Boya's expertise and sense of quality, are used alternatively and most creative color options appealing to your eye are offered to you.
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