Thermal Insulation in Buildings

İçerik 05.02.2015
All parts of the building which experience heat loss such as exterior surface, ground, ceiling, window and roof are required to be thermally insulated. However, while heat losses are at the rate of 10%, 20%, 20% for ground, window and roof respectively; this rate is approximately 50% for exterior surfaces. Therefore, if we want to save energy, the most efficient measure to be taken will be the exterior surface insulation. Values given here are approximate values and they vary depending on the building's height and storey architecture.

One of the common mistakes on the subject of insulation is the belief that heat mainly exits through the windows and the roof. However, the large part of heat energy gets lost through the cold exterior walls having large surface area and this loss constitutes the half of total heat loss. Therefore, if saving is the goal, insulation of exterior walls, where maximum heat loss occurs is the most efficient precaution in addition to renewal of the windows and insulation of the attic. With a proper thermal insulation to be applied to your exterior walls, you will be able to make an energy and fuel saving of 50%. Thanks to the thermal insulation performed with the application of thermal insulation system, cost of thermal insulation is compensated in 3 winters in average. This compensation period varies between 2 and 5 years depending on the quantity and type of fuel consumed as well as the type of the building. Considering that thermal insulation is an economy to last for 4 seasons, this period will get shorter if we regard that air conditioner costs (power, coolant, service) will also decrease in summer season with this insulation.
Thermal insulation will be applied to
  • Roof and walls of buildings
  • Locations which make contact with the ground
  • Headlinings between storeys
  • Installation tubes and ventilation ducts
  • Walls facing the parts which are not heated such as garages or storages.

Moreover, heat losses occurred because of windows are reduced in winter and solar heat transfer through buildings is limited in summer by using special coated insulation glass units and insulated woodworks.
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