Turkey’s First Digital Color Chart from Filli Boya

İçerik 30.01.2015
Filli Boya led the way one more time by transferring the color scheme of interior surface product AlpinaSilan to digital media. Digital color scheme of AlpinaSilan Nevo which facilitates the determination of colors in living spaces is the first digital color cartela for tablets within our country.

Thanks to the special design of the digital color scheme which involves vivid colors, color concepts namely Naturel (Natural), Sıradışı (Extraordinary), Masalsı (Fairy Tale), Sentez (Synthesis) and harmonious color combinations, it is easy to select colors for your living spaces.

Digital color scheme for tablets provides information on how a color appears under light or soft light along with the content showing the color harmonies and different color alternatives for the same place. This application is a first in Turkey and it allows you to have pleasant times thanks to its interactive structure which ensures you choose the most suitable color for your living spaces and its different effects.

Moreover, transferring the cartela to digital media reduces paper use and supports the sustainability of resources; it also reveals the sensitivity of Filli Boya to nature and the environment. AlpinaSilan's colors and concepts allow the colors in living places to be as vivid as the first day for a long time thanks to the excellent "Silky Matte" texture and "Color and Surface Protection Technology". You can easily access these colors and concepts with the digital color scheme...
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