What is insulation?

İçerik 05.02.2015
Yalıtım (insulation), corresponding to the words tecrit (isolation) from Arabic and izolasyon (isolation) from French is a word which can be considered new to the Turkish language. The word is described as "Preventing electrical and heat currents" in the Turkish Dictionary of Turkish Language Association. The word insulation evokes the same description from almost every person and we see this word as an essential technical term in many industries such as construction, installation and automotive.

Insulation is a branch of building physics for the construction industry. It examines the measures to be taken to control and regulate the physical movements such as heat transfer in a building, water vapor diffusion, fire and sound propagation. In the construction industry, insulation involves materials ensuring resistance or impermeability to protect the building against harmful effects such as water and fire and providing healthy, comfortable, secure, energy efficient environments to persons who live in the building and the codes of practice for these materials. For heating and cooling installations used in buildings, insulation is an essential application for the energy to be transferred without changing its nature.

Insulation applications is used in different fields for many reasons such as preventing the noise resulting from the operation of engines in any kind of vehicles used in air and land transports from disturbing the passengers, providing optimum environment conditions in animal farms, preserving water in drinking and toilet water tanks and landscape applications such as pools and artificial ponds.

In general, "insulation" is the application performed to allow the buildings to carry out the functions expected from them under effects which they may be exposed in line with the intended use.

From the beginning of the humanity to the present day, people have constructed different kinds of buildings to meet their sheltering needs in accordance with their knowledge levels. On one hand, our buildings evolved in parallel with the developments that the humankind lived through and have been shaped by being affected from the experiences. This development period will continue in the future as a result of the different demands. When considered from this point of view, today local experiences such as earthquakes, air and noise pollution and developments in the material technology as well as the worldwide problems such as the decrease of fossil fuels day by day, global warming and climate changes lead the construction technique to be improved and updated by the demand of each period. Modern buildings meet all of the demands regarding a long-lasting, secure, comfortable and healthy living conditions along with the main concepts such as energy efficiency and environmental pollution. Insulation plays an important role in terms of achieving the modern building concept and insulation applications are required increasingly every passing day.
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