Acrylic emulsion based, ready-to-use, water repellant, dispersion type adhesive with superior capacity of adhesive bonding.

Conforms TS EN 12004 Standard D1 class.

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Areas of Usage

Used at adherence of tile, ceramic, travertine, glass mosaic, marble, granite and coating plates on exterior and interior horizontal and vertical smooth surfaces; tiling applications on tiles; applications on primed plate and chipboards with vibrant surfaces such as ships, yachts, caravans and trains; applications of thermal insulation plates made of polystyrene and plaster board. Akrifleks forms a flexible surface with high adherence which you can use safely in indoor and outdoor places; so it shows resistance against cracking occurred with building movements. It bonds your 30x30 cm ceramics and 20x20 cm tiles horizontally under normal conditions without slipping. It makes time and labor saving since it is ready-to-use.